From simple suppliers to real Partners!

from suppliers to partners

Small entrepreneurial realities, usually family-run, that over the years have been able to transform their role from simple subcontractors or suppliers to real partners of the most important furniture brands!

First of all, when it comes to high-end design, what matters is the attention to detail, to the finishes of each product. Furthermore, the meticulousness and precision in each step, the handmade and the precise choice of materials, elements that, due to the importance they assume, are often outsourced!

Our company network, Tailor Made Contract, is a unique reality, one of a kind. 7 subcontracting companies, which work materials that are completely different from each other but at the same time complementary. For this reason, we have wisely decided to join forces in one big industry. The goal? To be 100% efficient and competitive on the market.

Our network is specialized in the subcontracting of the home system, placing itself, however, with the big brands not as a simple contractor but as a real collaborator and partner. Technical consultancy, feasibility studies, customization, prototyping, certain lead times, are just some of the services that the network guarantees to its customers.

The big Italian furniture brands have made their way into the national market with products created in collaboration with small and medium-sized companies. This is because the industrial production of big companies is not able to put the attention where the small firm concentrates all its work.

Not only that, but the Tailor Made Contract network also collaborates with architectural firms and interior designers in creating highly customized solutions. In this case, it is not necessary to search for the furnishing complement but to create a real design item.

Finally, Tailor Made Contract stands as a clear, concrete artisan / industrial response towards, on one side, of the great design brands, and on the other side of the world of architects in the realization of unique solutions!

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