RIK-FER workshops started their activities, with very modest proportions, on June 10th, 1968, just in the time when the first warm interests in the art of wrought iron began to appear.

During these long years othe company has always worked with the aim to show his sensibility to the upcoming challenges of the market, creating thousands of new shapes, stimulated by the demand for products used in the restoration of all age buildings and with new trends of contemporary art.

Today Rik-Fer can count on 70 employees based in Villotta (Pordenone province in north-east of Italy) in an area of 12,000 square meters; while further 100 employees are working on other productive plants.

The company produces wrought iron and stainless steel items which are sold in Italy, Europe and worldwide.


Via Villalta, 24
33089 Villotta di Chions (PN) Italy
+39 0434 630 031