HIKARI was founded in 2006 with the aimof to offer lighting solutions that were adequate to the growing complexity imposed by the evolution of the LED market.

HIKARI is a landmark for companies that need to introduce the LED lighting system in their products, starting from the technical and aesthetic needs of their customers up to the supply of a tailor-made product, finished or semi-finished. The development process involves the respective technical, purchasing and commercial offices, in full coordination.

But what do we do concretely? We study and design innovative customized solutions, we select the light sources, we control electronics, and we make compliance tests. We invest a lot in product customization. We work with the realities of the furniture world that require efficiency, punctuality, professionalism and just in time production.


Via Mirandola, 37/A
37026 Settimo di Pescantina (VR) Italy
+39 045 8018 058