Grani-mar is an established 30-year reality in the Industry of transformation of natural stone in semi-finished and finished products. Specifically, its core business is the production and selling of marble, quartz, granite, travertine and stone slabs. Moreover, the company is able to supply semi-finished products of every type and dimension. The know-how and skills possessed by Grani Mar and its collaborators allow to face the aesthetic, functional and qualitative needs of the contract sector, from interior design to exterior furnishings, to urban projects.

The company was born thanks to the entrepreneur Mario Mella, who decided to dedicate his time to the world of natural stones in multiple activities. On the basis of the results achieved throughout the years, in 1970 he founded a lumber mill for slabs of marble and granite, the “M.G.M.” Thanks to his experience and to markets' growth, in 1985 he founded Grani Mar, in which he decided to invest energy and capital.

The aim of Grani Mar is to take the founder's values, such as accuracy, quality, innovation, and actions to the future, adapting them to evolving trends and requirements.

Grani Mar expects from the future a rediscovery and an innovation of the natural stone, applied to completely new contexts never seen before.

Grani Mar

Via delle Industrie, 8
33070 Polcenigo (PN) Italy
+39 0434 745 51