Alone is faster, Together is farther

The Strenght of Tailor Made Contract

In a market where time factor, information, and contacts with the right people are fundamentals, team building and joining forces becomes essential.

This is why nowadays, our network Tailor Made Contract is made of 7 of us, with the new entry HIKARI, who joined the initial group, consisting of Biesse Crea, Emanuele Mariotto, Europavimenti, Grani Mar, Rik-Fer and Torneria Friulana del Legno.

After the first debut as a network in 2017, at Milano Fuori Salone, we began to officially operate as a group on the market developing complete projects for the contract sector. Starting from the initial concept, passing through the mock-up, up to the finished product, we are constantly in contact with the client to evaluate the various phases of the project. We act as a single spokesperson, who coordinates the whole group.

Tailor Made such as the personalization and craftsmanship that we provide to our clients, Contract such as the projects that we manage every day: high quality and flexibility for large batches on an industrial scale.

The real value of our network is the link between the productive excellence of the single companies and the great mastery in the realization of the products, with a global vision, in order to be more competitive through the challenges of the future.

We started from the assumption of uniting ourselves to launch a compact image on the market, forming a group and working together as a team to share important information to grow internationally.

Today, with 7 departments located in north-eastern Italy, every day we work alongside architects and contract divisions to develop turnkey custom furniture projects.


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