Over 50 years of experience in wood treatment make Torneria Friulana a strategic partner for the world of wood and furniture. Founded by the brothers Maurizio and Marcello Mazzon in the 60s, now it is managed by three generations: the craftsmanship and the foresight of the founders combined with the skills of their sons, Danilo and Claudio Mazzon, and with the energy of the two grandchildren, Martina and Fabio.

Torneria Friulana starts from the clients' project, it guides them through the development of the design, up to the realisation of the product. In this way the company is able to provide concrete and focused solutions, with particular attention to the reduction of wastes and costs, coherently with the Lean Manufacturing approach.

What differentiates Torneria Friulana is the completeness of the production processes for a product with excellent finishings, from the initial drawing, passing through the prototype, to the realisation of the entire production in private label. Moreover, Torneria Friulana manages in complete autonomy the supply chain, guaranteeing the quality of the final result and the compliance with the delivery time. This allows the contract sector to count on a trustable partner which collaborates in product development and in its realisation in an excellent and competitive way.

Torneria Friulana del Legno

Via Pietro Zorutti, 12
33074 Fontanafredda (PN) Italy
+39 0434 565 021